I co-authored, edited and researched this UNICEF report on Zimbabwe. I was also responsible for editorial concept to best present complex information for corporate and private-individual funders.  
Integrated Report for an inner city organisation offering counselling, arts and skills development. I was repsonsible for concept, reserach, writing and editing, with co-writer Tamara Guhrs. "The Outreach Foundation is a community centre that makes a difference. As a team, we focus on creating a safe space in the community; a space free of discrimination based on education level, religion, culture, race, gender or sexual orientation; a place where everyone is welcome and treated with dignity..."
A brochure targeting investors at the Africities Conference. I was responsible for text concept, writing and editing. "Welcome to our dynamic Metro. The Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality’s nine towns are home to 3.1 million people, spread across six regions: A, B, C, D, E and F. Together the EMM’s regions form part of the industrial heartland of South Africa, where more than 8 000 industries are represented."
A bi-annual brochure announcing Blacktown Art Centre's upcoming events and artistic programme. I was responsible for writing, sourcing images, project management and liaising with designers.    "MAYORAL WELCOME Blacktown City Council takes a leading role in the development of art and culture both locally and across Western Sydney and our Arts Centre continues to build a significant reputation at nationaland international levels. Blacktown Arts Centre aspires to empower our community through the development and showcasing of artistic excellence. The exhibitions and performances continue to amaze, inspire and challenge each of us and importantly, to connect with local communities. Through performance…
A quarterly brochure promoting Anglo American's technical department's latest products, aimed at both internal (Anglo American's global mining operations) and external clients. I was responsible for sourcing, interviewing, writing, project management and liaising with designers.   "Technovate brings you the stories behind our solutions: the “what, where and who”. What the benefits for your operation are, where they have been implemented and who developed them. You will also find key contacts if you need to talk to our team about any of our services or solutions.Our multidisciplinary products are the result of partnerships between Technical Solutions' four departments; with other…
A promotional brochure with product and services information for the technical department of multinational mining company Anglo American. I was responsible for project management, sourcing inforamtion and images and writing.    "Consulting supports operational and project excellence by providing multidisciplinary techno- economic solutions and products, focused on sustainable mining, from exploration to mine closure. Our areas of specialisation include geosciences, project engineering and integration, safety and sustainable development, mining, drilling and blasting, comprehensive engineering services, quality assurance and change management specific to improved operational performance.


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