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A quarterly brochure promoting Anglo American's technical department's latest products, aimed at both internal (Anglo American's global mining operations) and external clients. I was responsible for sourcing, interviewing, writing, project management and liaising with designers.


"Technovate brings you the stories behind our solutions: the “what, where and who”. What the benefits for your operation are, where they have been implemented and who developed them. You will also find key contacts if you need to talk to our team about any of our services or solutions.Our multidisciplinary products are the result of partnerships between Technical Solutions' four departments; with other group functions; Anglo American operations, projects and business units; as well as external experts.I view our primary role as the development, delivery and implementation of sustainable solutions, ensuring the Group benefits from the combined technical, engineering, scientific and technological expertise within Mining & Technology. Technovate brings you the results of applying this leading-edge technology across the entire mining value chain; our contribution to Anglo American's operational excellence.

Martin Dohm
Group Head: Technical Solutions

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