This call-to-action email and intranet announcement invited staff's comments to the company's external radio campaign. Written to brief for multinational mining comapny Anglo American, it outlined the basic themes of the campaign and communicated an aspect of the company's corporate social investment for staff who may not listen to the actual ads.   "Taking a journey with the power of radio. Anglo American South Africa’s new radio advertising campaign has recently aired across radiio stations in nine official languages. The concept behind our campaign is to share real stories about how one step leads to another; about how a life’s…
This poster and plasmascreen campaign for multinational mining company Anglo American's 'wellness programme' promoted the company's inhouse clinic, VCT and ongoing medical support facilties. I was collaboratively responsible for research and writing.    "Half an hour of your day can ensure you still spend years watching your kids growing up,’’ says Krissy Brown: country SHEC Coordinator: RSA, about her recent health screen. 
A 'table-talker' for an annual multinational mining company Anglo American's Heritage Day event, celebrating and promoting cultural diversity. I was responsible for research and writing.    "Sishweshwe" Vibrant traditions and patterns The best traditions are kept alive because they work and are useful, and that is the story of sishweshwe. Colloquially known as "shweshwe", its vibrant patterns were originally printed on indigo cloth brought to Africa about 2000 years ago by Arab and Indian merchants. Its popularity in South Africa grew in the 18th century when synthetic indigo was manufactured in, and exported from, Europe. Since 1948 Da Gama Textiles…


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