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Phanzi Labour Brokers

Phanzi Labour Brokers was a DVD and radio script; edutainment about new labour laws, written to brief for the Casual Workers Advice Office. I was responsible for project management, research, interviews for personal stories, rehearsal and presentation.


"Sketch 1: Labour broker employess

Int: Canteen 

Puleng:Hey Johannes, have you heard about the new labour law -  the Labour Relations Act 6 of 2014 – it say that if you have worked as a labour broker employee for more than 3 months, you have the right to become permanent, and you must get the same terms and conditions as any other workers doing the same job.

Johannes: Ag please, leave me, I am on my lunch break. What law is going to protect me? Do you know why I am called a labour broker employee?

Puleng: Because you are employed through a labour broker.

Johannes: No, because I am a labourer and I am always broke! I wasn’t even formally employed.

Puleng: How did you get this job?

Johannes: I was just walking past the gates and the foreman called me.

Ext: Factory yard

Foreman: Hey you?

Johannes: Me?

Foreman: Ja you, come inside. Can you read this?

SFX: Passes him a document

Jo: Invoice for Freedom Fashions: order number 1994, 1000 unit’s ladies skirts…

Foreman: Driver’s licence?

Jo: Ja (SFX: He shows him).

Foreman: Can you read a map? (SFX: Shows him a map)

Jo: Ja this is the old P W Botha Highway but now it’s the Nelson Mandela Freeway.

Foreman: Don’t be cheeky. Okay, you are now a driver at Freedom Fashions.

(He calls to someone else) Next! Yeh, you!


Johannes: When I got my first payslip it said “Mzansi Labour Brokers.’’ That’s the first time I found out I was employed by a labour broker. In the 13 years I have been working here I had never met the bosses of Mzansi Labour Brokers and I didn’t even know where their offices were.

Puleng: Why didn’t ask to see all the relevant information? For example for a job description or to meet the labour broker?

Johannes: I am too busy trying to survive, I haven’t got time to read information about new laws, or job descriptions.

Puleng: This new law is here to help you survive. You have been working here for 13 years right?

Johannes: Yes, that’s what I said.

Puleng: Well then, you can ask your boss to make you permanent.

Johannes: Serious?

Puleng: Serious!

Int: Boss’s office

Johannes: Good morning Mr Moneybags.

Boss: Good morning James.

Johannes: Johannes, Johannes Bosman boss.

Boss: Yes that’s what I said.

Johannes: Boss you know I have been working for Freedom Factories for 13 years.

Boss: So?

Johannes: And I am one of your best drivers, when customers want a safe, fast delivery they always ask for me.

Boss: Yes, our number 1 driver.

Johannes: Yes boss.  I am here to ask to be taken on as a permanent employee under the new law: Labour Relations Act 6 of 2014.

Boss: Contract?

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